Enjoy School Again

Advice, Support and Coaching for Parents of Kids Who Aren't Enjoying School Right Now

Enjoy School Again


Welcome to Enjoy School Again.

We offer advice, support and coaching for parents of any child who is not enjoying school right now, or perhaps not even attending. You are not alone! And there are solutions to this common, worldwide problem.

Like you, we want your child Enjoy School Again, so that they can feel safe, happy, and successful in school. All children should be able to learn and thrive in school, or in an alternative setting, self-directed learning, or in homeschool, if that is what is most appropriate for the child and their family.

We offer a range of services:
– Plenty of resources you will find useful, recommendations for books, links to online groups, etc.
– Short courses, “How to Help Your Child Enjoy School Again”, face to face or online, privately or in a small group. Use the contact page to request information. There is a lot of value in doing the group course with other families, especially for the kids who get to see they are not alone – it is really fun doing the creative exercises together.
– 1-to-1 family advice/support, by Zoom/email/phone, or face to face. Using “Solution-Focused Brief Coaching” principles – very positive, fun, empowering and transformative. SFBC is evidence-based, highly effective in a short time, and recommended by the NSPCC.

Right now you can sign up to our email list for notification of upcoming courses here. You can check out our book recommendations for parents on the Resources page. And you can get in touch with us directly to ask your most urgent specific questions, by sending us a message via the Contact page (see top menu).

Do pass on the details to other parents who might be interested too. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Pascale (Founder & CEO)