Enjoy School Again

Advice, Support and Coaching for Parents of Kids Who Aren't Enjoying School Right Now

Enjoy School Again


“Help, my child hates school, what should I do?”

You have a clear problem. We understand the problem, and we have solutions for you:
Group interactive workshops for parents.
– We run these in-person and online, at different times of day to suit you.
See example flyer here: ESA_PTAGroupInteractive_Flyer

– We can organise a bespoke group event, created with you for your school, parent group or organisation. This can be run as a fundraiser for your school’s PTA or your organisation. E.g. on the example flyer above, £5 per participant goes to the PTA.

– For more in-depth support and rapid change, we offer parents our 1-to-1 private mentoring and consultation program. This is a structured 6 sessions over two months.

To request information on any of these, send an email to: