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Enjoy School Again

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Leading Our Family Through Crisis

As a parent, we are called to lead our family through crisis right now. Some of us feel more comfortable with that, than others.The great thing is, leadership skills can be learned, quickly and “on the job”. We will step Read more…

Supporting Mental Health during the Covid-19 Crisis

Hello parents, I will host a Zoom online video session for parents on Monday 23rd March at 6.30pm London time (2.30pm NYC time). The topic is “Supporting our Mental Health during the Crisis” and we will be talking about how Read more…

Homework: from Despair to Success!

“I can’t do this and it’s making me want to break my computer!” Bristling with frustration, she threw herself on the floor and burst into tears. “I can’t do it! This is stupid! I don’t know where to start!” Fairly Read more…

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