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Enjoy School Again

Supporting Mental Health during the Covid-19 Crisis

Hello parents,

I will host a Zoom online video session for parents on Monday 23rd March at 6.30pm London time (2.30pm NYC time).

The topic is “Supporting our Mental Health during the Crisis” and we will be talking about how we support our kids’ mental health as well as our own.

This is a change from the original workshop “Helping Your Child Enjoy School Again”, but a lot of the content (about mental health and emotional wellbeing, how to talk about problems, how to proactively support emotional wellbeing) still applies in the new circumstances. The emphasis on mental health is even more critical right now.

I want to reassure you that so many of the parents we talk to about school refusal and school-based anxiety have already gone through “surprise homeschooling” – i.e. homeschooling that they didn’t choose, they weren’t prepared for, that affected their work, and they didn’t know how long it would last – there is PLENTY of experience available about how to make this transition work. Will it be smooth? Maybe not. Will we get through it together, and have some memorable experiences to look back on? Absolutely.

To join the Zoom call on Monday or get the replay if you can’t join us live, just sent us a message via our CONTACT page (double check your email is correct and check your spam folder) with “MH Talk” in the subject line.

Stay safe and take care,

(Founder, EnjoySchoolAgain)

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